MESSAGES OF  VERHUDT

                 Give up laziness
                 Pleasure is not the aim of life.
                 Desire is the driving force  of your work.
                 IZATAHO  the divine word means Let it be What the Parameswar ,parambrahma                  Verhudt wish.
                 Fanaticism is non-Religion .
                Usha( Early Morning ) is like the face of  God ,seeing it everyday cures one of all                   illness.
                 Within everybody there lives  a worshiper  of Knowledge ; make him awakened.
                 Lonely in Heart  dies of  Loneliness .
                 Unity is power.
                 Hail Him as  "YOHM VERHUDT" .

                 There cant be any knowledge without a broad -mind.

                 Work Is Religion.
                 No work can be accomplished by slyness .

                 Dont Repent for the Past.
              EXILE HATRED from your mind for ever ,you will get a blue sky and wings to FLY.
              Always divide the Courtyard in three parts.In one part plant Trees for Birds , Keep               one part neat and clean for The Children  and the other for the plantation of                            Flower Plants.

             God has many FACES , The Fire should inspire you  for submission and                                  Confession to Him and  The Verhudt_Brahma  in your dream would Enlighten                       Your Consciousness.
                If  you Think of succeeding    by CHEATING , ALL your EFFORTS would  FAIL IN                 VAIN AT LAST.
                Be ENLIGHTENED IN YOUR MIND and  HEART ON 7th OF POUSH ( BENGALI                      MONTH ,THe Holy Month Of  Verhudt)   .

                AFTER THE STORM THERE WILL ALWAYS BE BLUE SKY  And He would                             appear in the Face of A  STAR Covered   with A GOLDEN PLATE.
                       Believe  in Him and follow his path.     
                       Whatever U Want ,ask Him ; this is the best path.
                       Life is like a drop of water on Lotus-leaf , but if He is in your heart, U will not fall.
                  U  can rely on yourself , but then only when Verhudt is in your heart.
                  False belief ,False Pride and False expression take U away from Him.
                  He who praises himself fails in everything.
         He is Parameswar Parambrahma ,the God Almighty ;but even if U rely on                 Him ,your work will have to be finished by U only .That's Life ; life is work. 
         If there is no Darkness in your mind ,then U will be able to overcome the                    Unknown 
         To Stop is to Die in life.
         Pride destroys all your Good Qualities.
         Earn as Much as U can , but for yourself don't spend  a single penny more                than you need.
         Always be reasonable to accept the New.He is expressing  Himself through               all that evolves for the first-time. 
         As the God Almighty,the Parameswar acknowledge the meditation of the
             Santos; so U know.The followers of Verhudtbrahma are revealed as                          Namassejas;every  community will be so revealed but with a different                         name , that is how we are.
              Forget what U have achieved ,let the argumentation be left in the isms                       and U go on with Verhudt in your heart.
              Every should have the prayer-place BIVAS and the BIVAS would build our
               Know others,look after their sorrows and sufferings.This would build up                     the Holy Society.And this is what religion is.
              There can't be life without darkness but there is Usha ( The ushering of    
               Light ) in between.And this Usha is the Face of God.So it would be.
              `Ra' is the cry of beings ;it has come from Verhudtbrahma.So on the cry
                of every being  U must hear Him.
               Earn a Million but don'y be Greedy even for a penny.

               Life is not meant for to be Happy; for to carry on your work U need peace 
                and contentment .

              He is the source of all serenity in life,so let Verhudt always be in your                      mind.

               He is the Truth ;pray Him ; worship Verhudtbrahma.


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